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Here there are some miscellaneous links that we found interesting. We thought you might too.


 “science” is getting there about the dangers of  lonliness

Your immune system affects your personality — under stress = DANGER to everyone

Childhood Causes of Addiction — An interview with our HERO Gabor Mate

Stress Makes Us Sick  A nice little video primer from The Establishment about the physical effects of    stress …. though they don’t list guilt, anger, fear, or lonliness as primary stressors…but then…..

Childhood Disrupted  As important an article as we have ever read. Will the practice of medicine ever    catch up? Will they ever extrapolate to Dementia?

THE CODE TO HAPPINESS   Major DUH!  of the month. The Mayo Clinic’s multi million $ study finds        Happiness = Health. But it’s only in the last line of this article……

Why gossip can save yourf life  That socialization thing. …..and why blocking emotions isn’t so easy with      many close contacts

Stress Linked To Immune Response    And one little line of MAYBE impairing cognitive function    (Alzheimers)…..sadly ONLY a hint

Hacking the nervous system   Nerve blocking implants? How about how nerves get wrong-wired in the first place? shoot ahead to the last page first

Six Syndromes With Direct Links to Emotions  Well,……six is a start

Shrooms In he News  Ungrimming the reaper

A Hug A Day Keeps The Doctor Away  “science” is catching up….slowly it sometimes seems

Alan Watts on the NOW…..about living fully – really only possible without fear, anger, lonliness, guilt, shame?

Optomists are Healthier Smile and the whole body smiles with you…….

Status and Health   Big-shots pump less cortisol? In the Amazon anyway, ……..maybe

Grey Hair and STRESS   You should be going to a de-stress salon to keep your color? Why not…………

Erasing Bad Memories……..apparently, separating the emotion from the memory….good or bad you be the judge

Stress Can Be Catching? Catching the flu from loved ones may involve more than viruses and bacteria?

The Placebo Effect And some thoughts on loneliness, optimism, and meditation

Quantum Theory Proves Consciousness After Death Really, really deep stuff here… infinite universes and the sounds of trees falling for instance. BIOCENTRISM to be sort of exact.

Stress Linked To Heart Attack Of course

Can Neuroscience Rewrite Traumatic Memories? If traumatic memories cause illness will this be the future of disease prevention…… or a brave new world way too brave?

Mind/Body Health We nominate Dr Gabor Mate for a Nobel..also check out his many youtube videos

The Monkey in the Middle Why some poor people are happier?

Music Can Lower Stress Hormones Play it again………

Stress Gets Under Our Skin Social rejection and chronic inflammation….

Meditation illustrations We especially like 10 ways to get rid of a bad mood. Just replace “bad mood” with an identified negative emotion (fear, anger, shame, loneliness).

Intentional Acts of Kindness  Be kind to yourself and check this one out

How Positive Thoughts Build Skills, Boost Health, and Improve Work  Some science behind The Power Of……

Status and Stress. Born to lose? Maybe ….born into it?

22 Motivational pics We just kinda liked these

Stress Gene Linked To Heart Attack Why do some people have a difficult time handling stress?

ART: A Brief therapy To Treat PTSD Removing the emotional content from traumatic events?

Stress Implicated in Heart Attack Recurrence– younger women more so

The Stressed Out Brain Early life trauma = adolescent immune problems?

Did Trauma Cause My Diabetes? Stress and probably FEAR as a contributor to diabetes? Sounds like.

Discourse With the Dead An interesting read about EMDR and something new: IADC. Seems another way to remove the emotion from the thought

Pimp Your Brain Don’t really know how well these suggestions work……but interesting

How Our Stone Age Bodies Struggle To Stay Healthy In Modern Times From a Terry Gross interview with the Harvard professor Daniel Lieberman. Good stuff. With an NPR link to audio interview and book purchase.

A Healthier Kind of Happinesss  Not all happiness is created the same they say.

the mind can change the brain which can change the mind which can change the brain a fine article/talk that has implications for Alzheimer’s as well. The author has other pertinent items here – a good site to visit

Adrenal fatigue…Financial stress and other kinds too………..can lead to…. adrenal fatigue? So they say

6 steps to eliminate limiting beliefs Some good tips here, we think, on how to undo the unfortunate things we do to ourselves.

Yawn This one is new to us…………