Although anger is the emotion responsible for the most serious crimes, wars, and rudeness of all kinds, it is an emotion that many value and few in the West are willing to eliminate from their emotional repertoire. Here you may find some reasons to delete it. Unless you just wannna be sick



  • This’ll make your commute a whole lot less dreadful  An article on using mindfulness to make your commute a little more productive. We’re not sure it belongs under anger, especially. But with road rage not uncommon, maybe it does belong here.
  •  Does It Ever Pay To Be Angry? A plug for meditation here. Why not?……”There’s no point in repressing or denying it as it’ll just make itself known in another way and will gain strength.”          
  • 15 Simple Ways To Overcome Anger.…… “Negative emotions like anger kick us into survival mode, as if saying to our body, “we are in danger”.  We think that knowing anger has almost no redeeming value and that being mindful of anger inducing thoughts are the MOST important elements in dealing with anger. Which makes us think that way #12 may be a very useful tool. 
  • Are You Hard Wired To Boil Over From Stress Mostly relates to anger, but stress in general……”An extreme or chronic stress response, for example, is linked to heart disease, digestive problems and hypertension.”