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If you know of links to other websites, books, or anything that may be of interest to mind-body connection readers you may submit them here. We will post them when we have time to review them.

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If you have experienced a possible connection between a specific negative emotion and a certain illness, and would like to share that, we will input that information into a searchable database. We are fairly certain that every cold or hemorrhoid does not have the same specific emotional stressor. But, we suspect that there may be some similarities between certain emotions such as anger or fear and certain illnesses. Do you know someone who has come down with a serious illness and who also carries around large doses of a negative emotion such as anger or loneliness? We are curious.

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We are not sure how much time we will have to post comments from readers, but, at least for now, we will try to post those we think might be of interest to others.

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