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bookWhat if we can be immune to disease just by the way we think? What if feelings are actually more important to our health than diet and exercise? What if there is a simple way to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease? The author, who has spent the last 30 years “undercover” in the medical field, presents one workingman’s perspective on why health depends more on the mind than on medicine, and why the ability to have FUN is the most valuable human trait. Then, for his young son, he tells the secrets to having FUN that he has, in his words, “stumbled upon” — secrets that will always lead to better health.

Whether or not you find the author’s assertions to be self- evident or hard to believe, they are sincerely spoken by someone who has been a close observer of the human condition. His advice on aging alone is worth the price of admission. Knowing that it is possible to eliminate that fear we all possess concerning a feeble and unproductive ending to life should ease a lot of minds.

Christopher Weills
Publisher, The Ultimate Sports Guide


Willam Hool - AuthorWilliam (Bill) Hool is a retired police sergeant of seventeen years. He spends his time between a home in Northern California and a home on the island of Ambon in the Maluku Islands of Indonesia. For the past twenty-eight years, he has worked as a registered nurse in correctional nursing — two years at San Quentin State Prison and twenty-six years at the San Francisco Jail Medical Services. He holds a B.A. in Spanish as well as a California elementary school teaching credential. He owned a small restaurant in San Rafael, California, for twentythree years, where he was the sole buyer, bookkeeper and janitor.