Emotional Intelligence

Can there be anything more important than educating children about how to be emotionally healthy? If intelligence without happiness seems rather pointless to you, you might like these postings.


  • Schools That Separate the Child From the Trauma A great post though only the briefest mention about the health consequences of emotional trauma
  •  How To Teach Teens About the Brain  Something done in private schools…why not public?
  • How Positive Thoughts Build Skills…..An article on positivity not especially relating to childhood learning, but then, sort of……”In other words, negative emotions narrow your mind and focus your thoughts. At that same moment, you might have the option to climb a tree, pick up a leaf, or grab a stick—but your brain ignores all of those options because they seem irrelevant when a tiger is standing in front of you. This is a useful instinct if you’re trying to save life and limb, but in our modern society we don’t have to worry about stumbling across tigers in the wilderness. The problem is that your brain is still programmed to respond to negative emotions in the same way—by shutting off the outside world and limiting the options you see around you.”
  • Status and Stress Again, not specific to children, but a caution on early-life stressors…….”Scientists can, in fact, see the imprint of early-life stress decades later: there are more markers of inflammation in those who have experienced such hardship. Chronic inflammation increases the risk of degenerative diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Indeed, telomeres — the tips of our chromosomes — appear to be shorter among those who have experienced early-life adversity, which might be an indicator of accelerated aging. And scientists have found links, independent of current income, between early-life poverty and a higher risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and arthritis in adulthood.”
  • “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”….Albert Einstein
  • Can Emotional Intelligence Be Taught? An excellent post on emotional intelligence, mostly pertaining to learning. Only a brief mention on possible health benefits, but………..