We believe that Alzheimer’s is an emotionally caused disease. We are not mainstream thinkers for sure, but we solicit your attention in order to make the case that Alzheimer’s CAN be prevented. And should NEVER be feared. In short: we believe that the forgetting involved in Alzheimer’s Disease is created and perpetuated by the body in order to protect it’s homeostasis from the ongoing stress of unresolved traumatic emotions.


  • Another Stress-Alzheimer’s Study  Block the stress hormone with a pill and prevent Alzheimer’s? How about understand STRESS?
  • Better Hygiene May Increase Alzheimer’s Risk A dubious connection between antibiotics and Alzheimer’s. The better question might be what other differences are there between “modern” and more traditional lifestyles that might relate to Alzheimer’s. A lot of people are still focused on the purely physical and will turn over almost any rock in their search.
  • Chronic stress contributes to Alzheimer’s Another study showing that stress steroids inhibit brain activity and that ” the greatest threat to our lives is our lifestyle”… many studies will we need before “big” money starts flowing to investigate the emotional component of this disease? Probably when pharmaceutical companies decide that our health is more important than profits……like never.
  • Can Music KeepYou Healthy? Whip out that uke……for your mental and physical health
  • Mid-Life Stress Precedes Dementia We think that this should have been front-page news as one of this study’s conclusion was “The more stressful (life) events there were, the higher the dementia risk became.”
  • Research shows that you can worry yourself into dementia and even Alzheimer’s   Worry and a few other emotions as well. A very interesting article on the same wave length as us guys here.
  •  The Forgetting pill. An interesting long read on the development of a chemical way to separate negative emotions from memory. And if Alzheimer’s is a disease caused by blocking negative feelings, are we all destined for a PILL?………“PTSD isn’t the only disease that’s driven by a broken set of memories—other nasty afflictions, including chronic pain, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and drug addiction, are also fueled by memories that can’t be forgotten.”      
  • stress protein linked to Alheimer’s   less stress less Alzheimer’s?                                           
  • “There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside of you.” – Maya Angelo
  • A Suggestion That Stress Is implicated in Alzheimer’s This seems like a very important article from the FASEB Journal